A Human-Centric Digital
Solutions Agency

A Different Kind of Agency

DIG started with a vision for building an agency to solve the business problems of the future, and that requires a different model.

We’re not a branding agency that dabbles in tech, and we’re not a development shop that leaves you hanging when it’s time to go to market.

We start with human experience and layer in technology and marketing to deliver truly integrated digital solutions.

This unique set of capabilities sets us apart from other agencies and positions DIG to help you attack your goals.

How We Work

Human conversations don’t rely on formulas and rigid rules to make connections and exchange ideas. In the same way, we design strategies that engage your audience across platforms naturally—much like a conversation would happen in real life.







What Makes Us Successful?

The challenges you face today require a better way of thinking to get results. We're leading the charge in disruptive thinking and bringing the thoughtful, imaginative approach to strategy you deserve from your agency partners. Drop us a line. We’d love to share our proven connect/engage/adapt process with you.

Languages We Speak

Maybe it’s wrong to play favorites, but we have tried and true tools that can deliver the results you deserve. If you use one of these platforms, we’re ready to support your team. And if you need a different solution, we can consult and help you make the most of your investment.


Grilla Grills
Mobile Application

Knowing a great mobile app can build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, we planned and designed an app that works with the display hardware on the grill. This simple, intuitive interface helps customers grill confidently and is positioning Grilla Grills as a market leader.

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Grace's Table

In 2020, the pandemic brought a surge in new families seeking support from this West Michigan nonprofit organization supporting teen moms. Working on an 8-week development schedule, DIG designed a new website with updated content and streamlined navigation as well as a brand guide, training guide and email strategy for nurturing donors.


Spectrum Health

A leading healthcare system in Michigan engaged DIG to design and improve the web experience for key service lines in 2019. Our optimizations resulted in an 82% increase in site traffic for practice areas.

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Clients We Work With

Curious to know who we work with? Our 2020 roster included Amway, Michigan Small Business Development Center, Service Express, Grilla Grills, Terryberry, WingGuard, Jews for Jesus, Grace’s Table and eSafety. We often work with partners as an extension of their team, so not all clients can be showcased.

“DIG provides exceptional help in developing and optimizing eSafety’s marketing strategies. CEO, Mike Simon, and his team developed innovative automation systems and implemented a successful inbound marketing strategy that optimizes how we generate new customers.”


What's With the Name?

Our official name is Digital Industry Group but we’re not much for formality. You can just call us DIG (rhymes with big). We tried all lowercase for a while, but it threw people off and our marketing people hated how it looked in copy. So now it’s all caps, but not in a shouty way.