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Grilla Grills prides itself on providing dependable, unique products to the market that allows its customers to grill efficiently and never compromise on flavor. The grill space is competitive, and to stay a leader in the market, Grilla Grills needed to do what it does best—introduce another reliable and simple way to master the cooking experience. 

Project Type
  • Mobile App
Know How
  • UX/UI Planning + Design
  • Hardware Planning + Design
  • Design System
  • Design Audit
  • ADA Compliance
  • Illustration + Animation


We worked with Grilla Grills to plan and design a mobile application, along with the display hardware on the grill, that allows customers to control their grilling experience from their mobile device.

Focus on the Details

We provided the Grilla team with a comprehensive design system that outlined all the components of the application and allowed for a smooth handoff to development teams.

Putting Customers In Control

We created a simple yet appealing interface that stayed true to the Grilla brand. Our goal was to allow customers to use the application confidently and enjoy an elevated cooking experience.

“We commend DIG for producing a very intuitive app design along with an excellent customer-client relationship. The feedback we’ve received from our customers has been great and we plan to expand the app’s features soon.”

—Mark Graham, Engineering / Sales Managerat Grilla Grills


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